Our Word for 2019

Our word for 2019 is CHANGE. Moving from one career track to another is never easy, even when you know exactly what you’re doing and have a good network of support. Following your passion is easy to say and difficult to do, no matter the dream.

In 2018, LBD Media Co made some big strides and formed great relationships with a handful of strong clients. These were clients we met through our network, and we can never thank them enough for working with us. We did a wide variety of work, from website design and development to writing policy and procedure.

One of those relationships has led to full-time work doing what we love–all of it! In light of this, starting in January, 2019, LBD Media Co will be paring down our client list and refocusing our energy on a specific target market. We will handle maintenance on all our existing projects, and look to foster new clients within the fiction writing community.

We’ll post our most recent work, connect you with our network, and using our word power to send meaningful messages.