The StraighterLine Partnership

Our partnership with the innovative educational company StraighterLine predates the creation of LBD Media Co, LLC. During a long career in higher education, LBD’s founder, Marty Chester, had connected with the Director of Content at StraigherLine to write blogs about the program she was currently involved with because the university had just finalized a partnership with StraigherLine. That relationship continued as LBD lifted off in late 2017, and we evolved in our subject matter.

Close to twenty blog posts later, we’re sharing tips for saving money in college, the best business majors to pursue, basic information about English and math courses, even touting the benefits of nutrition classes–which we totally believe in. To read one of these posts, click the StraighterLine logo below:

We love how students can save time and money (sometimes thousands of dollars) by enrolling at StraigherLine and one of it’s partner colleges or universities. If you have college age (or high school) students, this is definitely worth checking out.