The E-BEN Collaboration

E-BEN, the Employee Benefit Education Network, is a project born inside family. With an obvious passion for education and seeing a disconnect between education and employment, we couldn’t turn down the opportunity to work on this project. E-BEN is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization that targets two markets: people who are unemployed and needing a new skillset to find their new position and those who are employed but need additional education about complex benefits, mainly inside the state and federal government jobs.

Click the image below to get a good look at the finished product. LBD Media Co. designed the WordPress site, worked with the founders to nail down the wireframe, copy and images, and continue to craft blogs to accompany their launch. 

The ladies and gents at E-BEN and Catalyst Career Academy are off to a good start, so if you’re looking for some authentic assistance in your job search or hoping to unravel your TSP, be sure to look them up!