The Paul Barnhill Collaborative

Paul Barnhill is a seasoned copywriter across multiple formats: print, digital, internal, video and audio. He certainly didn’t need assistance with his copy! No, he was looking for an additional, more modern outlet for his portfolio: a personally branded website that could host his resume and recommendations, as well as his numerous portfolio pieces. We decided early on a color scheme and images, worked up a logo and wireframe for the site. Getting everything just so on his page mattered because this would be a one-page site. Everything had to work, from the layout to every single title link. We’re proud to say he’s given us his highest recommendation. Click his logo to visit his site (and contact him if you need his services!):

Here’s his recommendation: 

These days, no one will even talk to you unless you have your work samples portfolio online. When looking at options for creating a web page for myself it seemed that my only choices were to find a web designer who would do it for more than $1,000 or do it myself with one of those commonly available cookie-cutter templates that would not give me the look or functionality I needed to showcase my portfolio.

Luckily, I got a referral to Marty Chester of LBDMedia. For a fraction of the cost elsewhere, she created a custom page for me that accomplished the ambitious tasks of displaying my email ads, online ads, print ads, corporate intranet newsletters, web video, PowerPoint presentations, web video, speeches, and radio ads.

Compared to my project, anything she does for you should be a piece of cake.

Paul was wonderful to work with, knew exactly what he wanted, and has a great, dry sense of humor to top it all off!